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knackiger 2-3 zeiler: fritz-kola was born in 2002  in hamburg, germany and came to stay. with high quality ingredients and glass bottles only we want to stir up the soda market worldwide.

more than just a drink

we love arts and music. thats why we strongly support festivals and cultural events.

we care about our environment. thats why we only use glas bottles and work with indepentent bottlers.

we are not afraid to raise our voice in order to fight inequality and try to make the world a little bit better.

we love concsious enjoyment. thats why we only use high quality ingredients in our sodas (and the drinks we mix with them)

caramel coffee
no sugar
honeydew soda
kola with orange
organice pineapple & lime
organic apple spritzer
organic grape spritzer
organic rhubarb spritzer

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we care

sustainability is not just a buzzword for us. from the production of our drinks to our advertising materials we give our best to be as sustainable as possible.

we celebrate

fritz-kola is more than a brand for sodas. we are deeply involved in music, arts and culture. thats why we support festivals, charity events and arts.
the fritz history

it can be done better.

thats what two friends decided in 2003 and started from scratch. With only a few thousand euros and a whole lot of determination they founded fritz-kola in a student residence in Hamburg. The mission: Creating a kola that is better than everything that the big coke producers had to offer. No sooner said than done.

In January 2003 170 boxes are produced. On 28th of February the company Hampel und Wiegert… is registered, the first headquarter a student residence in Hamburg-Othmarschen. In March the first customers could be won, which leads to the second round of production in April. To that time the products are being stored in private rooms, parents’ basements, gardens and even replaced the cars spot in the garage.